Thing 1 and 2 Headband

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Items Included
  • Headband
Product Specifications
  • 100% polyester brushed knit flannel fabric & faux fur
  • Striped fabric covers plastic headband
  • 2 black-covered wire antennae attached to top of headband
  • Each antenna is topped w/ a tuft of faux fur and a felt disk that says either "Thing 1" or "Thing 2"
  • Officially licensed
Product Description

Wild Things

Complete your costume and you will see, all the fun that Halloween can shape up to be!

Because you simply cannot dress as Thing One or Thing Two, without this handy headband that's fuzzy and blue!

OK, we'll drop the rhyme. But you know, we could keep going! If you're planning a Seussically-inspired Halloween costume this year, then you'll need this Women's Thing 1 and 2 Headband to complete your look. While this item would make for a nice accessory for you and your BFF to don over matching red jumpsuits, it works especially well if you're trying to go solo and pull off both Thing 1 and 2 at once!

But remember, the Things main job is to create fun mischief wherever they go. So don't put this iconic headband on unless you're ready to honor their spirit this Halloween. And we don't know if the Cat in the Hat will be coming by with his magic clean-up machine, so just keep that in mind. Have fun out there, you wild Thing!

Design & Details

This piece is officially licensed and ready to take your storybook look to a whole new level. Striped black-and-white fabric covers the plastic headband, while a duo of antenna adorns the top, each with a Thing 1 or Thing 2 disc and a tuft of blue faux fur.