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400 Watts Party Fog Machine

$39.94 On Sale
This 400w Mini Fog Machine with Remote is perfect for any spooky occasion or party. Ideal for haunted houses, this item will surely transform any location in a scary event. Make your scene into a foggy wilderness with this mini fog machine...
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700 Watts Fog Machine Party Fogger

700 Watt Fog Machine. Impress your guests this Halloween! Get that eerie, swamp-like effect this Halloween, 700 Watt Fog Machine. This is the perfect way to achieve a creepy ambiance for your Halloween Party, haunted house, Halloween decoration display,...
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Fog Liquid Gallon Fog Juice

Fog Juice Liquid Gallon size. Party Fog Machine Fogger Liquid. Nothing creates more of an eerie feel than fog, so you should purchase our Gallon of Fog Liquid. With this, you'll be sure to get your haunted house or party getting spooked out in no time...
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Mist Maker Machine

Fill any container with water approximately 1-1.5 inches above mist maker unit. Place container on a flat surface. please note the mist maker unit will splash slightly. Place only on water resistant surface. Plug in adapter and plug into...
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