Stone Age

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Glow in the Dark Claws Set of 10

  Glow in the dark Claws set of 10. Description: These claws glow in the dark but these brown tinted claws look so real in normal lights. They apply easily with water soluble glue (Included) but are easily removed in hot water. They are...
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Huntin 'N Fishin Teeth (10021)

The Billy-Bob Huntin costume teeth with cavity will convert any costume into a masterpiece. The teeth are made of dental acrylic. A package of thermal fitting beads is included for easy application. This Billy Bob Huntin Teeth is full...
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Stone Age Teeth & Skull Necklace

This skull and teeth stone age style necklace will be the perfect accessory for the caveman or cave woman for that matter! Comes adorned with multiple plastic teeth, and a skull in the middle area of the necklace. The clasp is a pull apart for easy...
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