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Ghoulish Grabbers

Have you ever stopped to think about what your hands say about you? Dirt under your fingernails say hard worker (or allergic to soap). Polished, pretty cuticles shout "hand model!" Paper cuts whisper that lemon juice is probably not your best friend. Whatever the case, there are some hands that reassure, and some hands that you really, really hope you'll never see on the handle of your car or wrapping around the edge of your closet door. 

Product Details 

Hand out a scare or two with these Adult Silent Stalker Hands! The claw like hands with their bony, elongated fingers slide securely onto your real hands and fit snugly thanks to the latex rubber material. Creepily realistic skin detail will make your friends do a double take when you beckon them ominously or grab their shoulders in a dark hallway. 

High Five? No Thanks. 

Use these devilish digits to complete a scary outfit or to pull a screamingly good prank! To ward off real baddies, consider storing these on top of the dresser in your room. No cat burglar will want to mess with you when you have these guys lying next to your phone charger! 


Silent stalker hands pale
Made of ultra resistant latex
Hand painted
One Size (Adult)
Excellent for any party