Standard Latex Masks vs Hyper Latex Masks

Standard Latex Masks vs Hyper Latex Masks

Posted by Sweet Pea Crowley on 19th Sep 2023

$225 is not what most people are used to seeing when looking at Halloween mask, so is it really worth it? 

Standard latex masks are budget friendly and the ones carried at Imaginations Costumes are beautifully painted. They are great for a photo shoot or going Trick-or-Treating, but lack the detail and complexity of the Hyper Masks. They don't fit to the face or move with your face, but are typically better for those with sensory issues or dislike compression. They are also great for haunters who don't want to do their make-up every night for work. Unfortunately, because they don't fit the face it can move and spin if you have a smaller head. These are perfect for people who don't want to spend a lot of money on a mask they will only be wearing for one night.

Hyper Masks have a larger price tag, but are great for haunters or Halloween enthusiasts who want the extra wow-factor for their costume. These masks are both conformable and easy to breathe in. Each Hyper Mask is made and painted by hand in Mexico with high-quality latex, durability and original design. These masks are made for haunters. They fit to the face letting your run without your mask moving and emote while scaring. They are durable enough to stretch without tearing, and have incredible paint jobs. These masks can stretch up to 3x their original size to fit many head shape or sizes so you can get the perfect fit. Though, as forementioned, these masks are not for people who are claustrophobic.

See the Hyper Masks in action:

In conclusion, both options are great depending on what your preferences and budge are. If you are looking for something over the top with a silicone appearance without the $600+ price tag, we highly recommend a Hyper Masks. If you are looking for something a little more budget friendly that you will only wear for one night, then we recommend one of our standard latex or frontal masks. Regardless of which type your choose, please enjoy 20% off one item in our store this season using the coupon below.

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