5 Patriotic Cosplay Ideas

With the 4th quickly approaching, we thought we should highlight some patriotic cosplays. Here is our top 5 patriotic cosplays we think that ya'll will love.

Leave us a comment on what our next list should be and who we missed on this list who deserved to be on it. If you would like to be featured in our blog, please feel free to send us an e-mail.

1. Wonder Woman

Photo Credits:

Meagan Marie (Joits Photography), TinyCatKate, and Callie Cosplay (photographer Kenneth Davis)

2. Captain America

Photo Credits:

Havok Cosplay (Founder of Ladies Of Havok) Photographer: @erikacosplay,

Phadme Cosplay (photographer Ireth Minllatur Cosplay), and Danil Palma

3. Captain Marvel

Photo Credits:

JokerLolibel Cosplay, Reaver - Cosplay (photographer Cryano's Pictures), and Maid of Might

4. Superman

Photo Credits:

Crescent Coast Cosplay (photo by Dan Domenzain), Supermancfl (photo Sean Little Photography), and Matt Aucoin

5. Spider Man

Photo Credits:

Spiderverse SG (photo by Syazwan Randi), @lady.bane, and Nott Spidey

Blog Thumbnail Credit: Yoshitake Tanaka (Photo by Gabriel Photography Corner)

We want to give a huge shout out to all the cosplayers and photographers who's work is in this blog. Ya'll are so incredibly talented. (If you see any issues with spelling, would like us to credit you in some other way, or would like us to remove your images please send us an e-mail.)