Witches & Old Hags

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Green sea hag mask

Green Sea Hag Mask

The Green Sea Hag with her bulging eye, hook nose, missing teeth, warts, and light brown scraggily hair, the Sea Hag is the perfect representation of a witch. The Sea Hag is a three quarter mask with a burlap hood that cinches under the chin for the...
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Grumpy Half Mask Lower Face Strap On

  Ghoulish Productions Grumpy Half Adult Latex Mask This is a novel gag item to buy. It give you this exaggerated grumpy face look.  -Grumpy face features -Great character mask -Quality latex -Half face mask secures to head with...
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Transparent Old Man Mask

Put on this transparent old man mask and age so much that your skin becomes clear. The wrinkled surface won't fully hide your own face but it'll make you look about a hundred years older!
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