12 ft Animated Hovering Witch Halloween Animatronic

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  • 12-foot hovering witch animatronic
  • Witch has the illusion of a frightening witch clad in purple floating above the ground
  • LCD eyes light up to showcase a soul-piercing gaze
  • Motion sensors activate the head and jaw while different spooky scripts play
  • Suitable for decorating outdoor Halloween display
  • Motion sensors activate head and jaw animations
  • Eerie audio scripts play in tandem with animations
  • Plugs into a standard outlet for simple setup
  • Measures 144 in. H x 97 in. W x 70 in. D
  • Illuminated with bright LEDs
  • Includes one floating witch animatronic with LCD eyes
  • Superpowered LEDs, this hovering witch animatronic stands ominous and brightly illuminated throughout the trick-or-treat season.